Get the bundle (best option). Each template ebook is $19.99. However, pay $49.99 for all thirteen subjects on the Bar Exam.

1440: Mastering 1-Hour Essays

This text contains contains powerful IRAC techniques. Includes issue spotting and timing strategies. Also, I have decoded the exam and have produced formulas that you can apply. Use these formulas to draw out the analysis for major issues. Also, know how to deal with non-major issues. See the link below for more details.

1440: Mastering the Performance Test.

Bar candidates are almost always told to “just find the rules.” Unfortunately, without applying techniques, many do not find the rules. Or they simply run out of time. Avoid this! Know where to find the rules. They can be hidden in the form of the procedural history, the facts of the cases, and the holdings, to name some areas.

Also, learn strategies to analyze and to complete the PT in time. See the link below for more details. Also, watch this brief YouTube video for more information.

Civil Procedure Cheat Sheets

Many rules on Civil Procedure are often repeated. This book will show you how to approach and analyze the rules. This is a subject that also appears on the MBE so it is essential that you master these rules.   

Remedies Cheat Sheets

The Bar Exam tests Remedies at a high rate because many examinees find this area extremely difficult. You, on the other hand, will have an advantage. Click on this YouTube link for a preview of the contents: