Powerful IRAC Techniques for Law School Essay Exams! 

Step-by-Step Guide To Develop Your Lawyer-Like Writing Skills! Ace those exams! 

In law school you brief cases. However, your exam will not be based on briefing cases. Your grade will be based on your analysis. It is therefore helpful for you to master the IRAC method.  

This is a complete guide that will help you produce a powerful analysis for success on the exam! You will learn advanced techniques in the following areas:

Issue spotting

Discussion of major issues

Approaching non-major issues


Analysis formulas are included. They will help you stay on course to ensure you a targeting the proper areas. Moreover, practical application exercises are presented.

The hypotheticals will use generally accepted principles of law. These is the same law used in law schools throughout the country.

Here are other concepts you will learn to master: 

  1. Timing techniques .

  2. Outlining strategies. 

  3.  Knowing when to use counterarguments.   

It is through this text where your grade will see the most improvement. This is the beginning of extraordinary success. Let’s get started. 

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